About Spark MLlib

MLlib is Apache Spark's scalable machine learning library.

MLlib works with Spark's APIs and with NumPy in Python and with R libraries. Since Spark excels at iterative computation, MLlib runs very fast with highly-scalable, high-quality algorithms that leverage iteration.

Included Functionality:

ML algorithms include:

  • Classification: logistic regression, naive Bayes,...

  • Regression: generalized linear regression, survival regression,...

  • Decision trees, random forests, and gradient-boosted trees

  • Recommendation: alternating least squares (ALS)

  • Clustering: K-means, Gaussian mixtures (GMMs),...

  • Topic modeling: latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA)

  • Frequent itemsets, association rules, and sequential pattern mining

ML workflow utilities include:

  • Feature transformations: standardization, normalization, hashing,...

  • ML Pipeline construction

  • Model evaluation and hyper-parameter tuning

  • ML persistence: saving and loading models and Pipelines

Other utilities include:

  • Distributed linear algebra: SVD, PCA,...

  • Statistics: summary statistics, hypothesis testing,...


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