Model Saving and Loading

Model Saving

Save model(s) to mounted storage"/mnt/trainedmodels/lr")"/mnt/trainedmodels/rf")"/mnt/trainedmodels/dt")

Remove a model

Spark MLlib models are actually a series of files in a directory. So, you will need to recursively delete the files in model's directory, then the directory itself.

dbutils.fs.rm("/mnt/trainedmodels/dt", True)

Score new data using a trained model

Load in required libraries

from import CrossValidatorModel
from import PipelineModel
from pyspark.sql.functions import col, round
from pyspark.sql.types import IntegerType, FloatType

Load in the transformation pipeline

pipeline = PipelineModel.load("/mnt/trainedmodels/pipeline/")
## Fit the pipeline to new data
transformeddataset = pipeline.transform(dataset)

Load in the trained model

model = CrossValidatorModel.load("/mnt/trainedmodels/lr/")
## Score the data using the model
scoreddataset = model.bestModel.transform(transformeddataset)

Remove unnecessary columns from the scored data

## Function to extract probability from array
getprob = udf(lambda v:float(v[1]),FloatType())

## Select out the necessary columns
output ="ID"),

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